Yards to Feet Converter

Welcome to the Yards to Feet Converter. Before we continue, note that yards can be abbreviated to yd, and feet can be abbreviated to ft. Thus, the Yards to Feet Converter is the same as Yards to ft Converter, yd to Feet Converter, and yd to ft Converter.

It takes three feet to make a yard, as the illustration below shows. The whole circle is one yard, and each third is one foot.

Therefore, to convert yards to feet, you multiply yards by 3. Here is the formula:

Yards × 3 = Feet

No need to get your calculator out! Simply enter the length in yards below that you want to convert to feet.


Here are some examples of what the Yards to Feet Converter can calculate and convert for you.

100 yards to feet

10 yards to feet

5 yards to feet

50 yards to feet

25 yards to feet

20 yards to feet

2 yards to feet

3 yards to feet

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