Mil to mm Converter

Here you can convert mil to mm. Each answer shows you the formula, the math, and an illustration on a tape measure.

A mil means a thousandth of an inch (1/1000), also known as thou, and mm is short for millimeter. Therefore, when you want to convert mil to mm, we take it to mean that you want to convert thousandths of an inch to millimeters.

Note that technically, the plural of mil is mils, so it should be mils to mm, but we use mil because that seems to be a more popular way of describing any number of thousandths of an inch.

Without further ado, please enter the number of mil that you want converted to mm:

Convert  mil to mm.

Here are some examples of mil to mm conversions that you may find interesting.

10 mil to mm

20 mil to mm

6 mil to mm

30 mil to mm

100 mil to mm

50 mil to mm

5 mil to mm

40 mil to mm

4 mil to mm

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