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Converter Maniacs' mission is to do more than simply convert one kind of unit to another kind of unit.

In addition to giving you the solution, we will also provide information, such as symbols for the measurements, abbreviations for the units, formulas for the calculations, explanations for our math, and other information you may find useful and interesting.

Converter Guideory
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Below are some examples of popular conversions that we have explained and converted for you.

1500 meters to miles

600 kJ to calories

10am EST to IST

50 mcg to mg

100 yards to meters

6 feet to meters

20 cm to inches

1 hectare to acres

8 oz to grams

6 inches in cm

How many pints in a gallon?

100 grams to oz

12 quarts to gallons

1.5 liters to gallons

10000 steps in km

180 cm in feet

180 C to F

Convert 5 gallons to oz

8 oz to ml

38 Celsius to Fahrenheit

4 oz to cups

450 F to C

9.1 gallons to liters

70 mph to kmh

5 gallons to quarts

120 oz to gallons

1.75 m in feet

2 sticks of butter

4 tbsp to cups

2 clicks to miles

$20 an hour is how much a year?

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